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The Plant Paradox

I recently had an opportunity to listen to this audiobook.  WOW!  All I can say is, do yourself a favor and get a copy RIGHT NOW TODAY!  Awesome education and food for thought.  Dr. Gundry has long been a favorite of mine and this book just elevated him and his scientifically backed philosophy to the top of my list!  

I have definitely incorporated his learnings into my own personal journey and look forward to spreading the word.

Get a copy today and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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Fall Essential Oil Promotion

Earn a FREE 15mL of dōTERRA Balance®, dōTERRA Serenity®, and Citrus Bliss® by placing any single 200 PV order from October 1 through October 31, 2017.

Limit of four per account, per household.

All orders must be placed and processed by October 31, by 11:59 PM MT to receive the free product.
Orders placed outside the qualifying time period (October 1 – October 31, 2017) will not receive the free product.

Retail and Wholesale Customers can qualify for the promotion by ensuring their order is at least 200 PV.
Orders below the 200 PV requirement will not receive the free product.
PV is not equal to the cost of an order. Before completing an order, the individual ordering must verify that the order is at least 200 PV.

A single 200 PV order can only qualify for one promotional offer. If an individual would like to earn the offer up to four times, they must place four separate 200 PV orders.

Any orders or items returned that result in the order going below the 200 PV requirement will have to return the free product or the product will be charged on the members account.

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This offer is valid October 1–31, 2017. If you feel you have qualified for the promotion and did not receive the products, please call into member services at (800) 411-8151, or send a short email to our Promotions Team at no later than November 15, 2017. Exceptions will not be made after this date.

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Hamburger Buns and Essential Oil?

What do hamburger buns and essential oil have in common?  Why am I comparing them?

Well,  both of them can be eaten (or used) every day.   Hamburger buns are eaten every day with no thought to the consequences.  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils can be used every day so I thought it would make an interesting comparison.

For example, I Googled a McDonald's hamburger bun:  Ingredients: Enriched flour (bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar, yeast, soybean oil and/or canola oil, contains 2% or less of the following: salt, wheat gluten, calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, dough conditioners (may contain one or more of the following: sodium stearoyl lactylate, datem, ascorbic acid, azodicarbonamide, mono- and diglycerides, ethoxylated monoglycerides, monocalcium phosphate, enzymes, guar gum, calcium peroxide), sorbic acid, calcium propionate and/or sodium propionate (preservatives), soy lecithin.

Lets dive a little deeper into some of the ingredients above:

Ammonium chloride… sounds tasty right? Did you know it is also an ingredient in fireworks, safety matches and contact explosives? Bon apetit!

Ammonium sulfate is used most commonly as an artificial fertilizer for alkaline soils. It’s also in flame retardant materials. Ammonium sulfate activates yeast, so it helps to get industrially produced bread to rise.  Love that fluff!

The soybean and/or canola oil used here are most likely GMO. Unless it says its not GMO, it usually is modified.  I generally avoid GMO's for a number of reasons.  I'll save my thoughts for another day...

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) (as defined by Wikipedia) is a sweetener made from corn starch that has been processed by glucose isomerase to convert some of its glucose into fructose.  It's not natural.  Just say NO!

“Enriched” flour sounds harmless enough. But “enriched” just means that all the nutrition was taken out in the first place. Refined flours are also hard for your body to digest, even before the mess of chemicals are added to it.

A hamburger bun is bread.  Bread can also be made of flour, water and salt.  Just sayin'. 

How many McDonald's hamburger buns have you eaten?

I Googled, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil:  dōTERRA's, CPTG essential oils are 100% pure natural aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants. They do not contain fillers or artificial ingredients that would dilute their active qualities and are free of contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues.

I use and recommend essential oils for aromatic, topical and dietary use.  They can be used every day and the positive healthful effects are boundless.

What essential oil are you going to use today?

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Sugar Challenge!

Identify sugar's many disguises by checking 2 ingredient lists for words that end in "-ose."

Start by picking out two pre-packaged foods in your own refrigerator or pantry. Find the ingredients list and look for anything ending in "-ose" like glucose, saccharose, sucrose, dextrose, maltose, fructose (also called high fructose corn syrup), and xylose.

Why it matters

Sugar has taken on many disguises nowadays. Learning to identify the different names for sugar can help you when browsing the grocery aisles or reaching for a mid-afternoon snack. We often underestimate how prevalent sugar is in the foods we eat, but high amounts of sugar can be found in canned fruit, breakfast cereals, condiments, spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, and bread. Foods high in sugar can contribute to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

What to do about it

Once you have identified all the products in your home that fall into the 'ose' category...List them here and everyone can participate in finding a healthier option!  It's all about choices...My choice was to throw them ALL away and start fresh...How about you?

SugarEffects .  Sugar1_copy