Golden Milk Turmeric Ice Cream (non dairy)

Prep Time

15 minutes

Cooking Time

24 hours to freeze


Never enough!


1 14-ounce can coconut milk 

½ of a 14-ounce can coconut cream (or ½ cup coconut milk or coconut yogurt) 

1 cup raw cashews (soaked) 

3 T raw pecans (and as many other pecans as desired for topping) 

¼ cup maple syrup 

2 tsp turmeric 

1 t cinnamon and/or 1 toothpick swirl (to taste) of cinnamon or cassia essential oil*

½ t ground ginger and/or 1 toothpick swirl (to taste) of ginger essential oil*

¼ t cardamom and/or 1 toothpick swirl (to taste) of cardamom essential oil*

*Please be sure to use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oils intended for dietary use


Soak cashews in a bowl of water overnight (or until soggy—a minimum of 2 hours). 

Once the cashews are ready, layer a standard meatloaf pan with parchment paper, allowing the ends to hang over the sides.  Place in the freezer while preparing the ice cream. 

Drain cashews, and add them to a blender or food processor—along with all the other ingredients. 

Process on high until pecans and cashews are broken down and everything is fully combined. 

Remove the prepared pan from the freezer, and pour the ice cream mixture into the pan. Place in the freezer overnight to harden. Be sure to place the pan on a flat surface, so it hardens evenly. Top with pecans, yum! 


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